The Q – Resources Advantage

Q – Resources commercial Property Management team delivers pro-active, up-to-date and focused advice on all Facilities issues, to maximize the value of clients’ property assets. Within Qatar -wide portfolio of almost half a million square meters, Q – Resources is a leader in the field. 

The team also has the resources and backing of the largest property agency group in the Middle East Region, and is at the forefront of property strategy and global trends. In particular, Q – Resources sustainable asset management is underwritten by 5-star standard, and the team’s real estate strategy is consistently forward thinking in its approach to client needs.

Hard Services

Plumbing Services

If you need reliable and effective plumbers, look no further than our plumbing services. Our skilled plumbers can handle all of your plumbing requirements, right from dripping faucets to any washroom or pipeline repair and replacement. Our maintenance services are catered to our customers as per their demands in various specifications. Clients can avail these maintenance services from us at reasonable prices.

Electrical Services

We provide you with reliable electrical service whenever you may require it. All of our service technicians are experienced and professional electricians. They also have the valuable skills and expertise you may need along with the technical and electrical service necessary to keep your equipment running. Our technicians are equipped to repair your machinery and attend to all electrical issues in a timely manner

Mechanical Services

Our well trained technicians ensures operation of machinery and mechanical equipment by completing preventive maintenance requirements on engines, motors, pneumatic tools, and production machines; following the operations manuals, manufacturer's instructions, and engineering specifications to keep your business smooth without any interruption.

HVAC Services

An optimum temperature is required for adequate productivity and general health and peace at both office and home. For this, we offer reliable HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) maintenance. We undertake regular checks and repair work to keep your new heating or air conditioning system functioning properly. We perform routine as well as on-demand checks as per the situation. We provide comprehensive assistance for all your heating or cooling needs.

Civil Services

We can help you with all your furniture, painting and masonry works to repairs and to make your living place look beautiful. The craftsmanship of our technicians is unmatched by anyone in the city and we can customize any of your furnishing needs as per your demands. We can meet all your carpentry needs, painting needs and masonry needs whether you need it at home or at your office – both in interior and outdoor spaces.

Special Equipment Handling

Special Equipment Handling. We also have our own preferred supplier list (third parties) to cover for:

  • Chiller
  • Elevator/lift maintenance
  • FA/FF
  • BMS
  • CCTV
  • Access control and Barriers
  • UPS
  • Generator
  • Swimming pools and landscaping services

We assure the following while servicing our customers:

  • Optimum value for money
  • Customer delight in terms of high service delivery standards
  • Quick deliverance with maximum mechanization of jobs
  • Consistent service across a period of time
  • Continuous improvement using scientific methods and techniques
  • Transparent documentation and support reports (including performance related, statutory etc.)